Careers education at KRS involves a programme of events, experiences, workshops and individual support that is designed to inform, advise and raise awareness of career opportunities and the world of work.

In Year 8, students will undertake a ‘dream job’ workshop with the University of Portsmouth and have assemblies which focus on careers prior to making their options choices.

In Year 9, students start using a career database programme that enables them to evaluate their personal and work skills and widen their knowledge of the opportunities and careers available.  Students will also complete a work experience choice form. For students considering going to University there are also day visits to Portsmouth, Southampton and Chichester universities to find out more about higher education.

In Year 10, students undertake a work experience placement; please see below for further details. They also have at least one individual career interview with the careers manager where they have the opportunity to explore information on career pathways. There is a programme of assemblies from FE providers and apprenticeship organisation that provide further information for students. Students start to develop a CV which is monitored through 1:1 meetings with the tutor. There is also an opportunity to attend a 3 day summer residential at Portsmouth University.

In Year 11, students meet with the careers manager in the first term and make their applications to their chosen destinations. They will attend interviews and make a final choice from the places they are offered.

All students have a JED (Job Explorer Database) programme accessed via their Eportal page and Careers icon.

What is a Work Placement? Work placements are an organised educational activity that forms part of a student’s education. They will undertake this placement on an employer’s premises.  They will carry out a range of tasks or duties, more or less as would an employee, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.  This helps students to get a better understanding of, and be better prepared for, life in the adult workplace.

Why is it Important? As part of the curriculum, work placements can contribute to a student’s careers education, personal development and social skills acquisition.  It also helps students in their understanding of a particular subject or course to the acquisition of key skills for a specific career.

It is an opportunity to introduce learners to the world of work and it improves the employability of young people. College admissions tutors increasingly look for evidence that students have undertaken a satisfactory period of work placement.  Your child will therefore be encouraged to keep evidence of their achievements in a daily diary.

How is it Organised? Students complete a questionnaire in Year 9 detailing their previous experiences and enabling them to express preferred areas ofwork.

The school will monitor progress during placements and review the experience on return to school. Employers are asked to provide a planned programme of work which introduces learners to the workplace, provide them with tasks to do or observe and allow them an opportunity to review their experience.

Both the school and employers must also take reasonable care to ensure that placements meet certain standards in terms of health and safety and insurance arrangements.  All placements receive a pre-placement visit from a health and safety qualified member of school staff

College Open Evenings

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Useful Links


Need help? ‘If you would like help developing your CV Click on the link and set up your lifelong learning account


Other useful websites include:- Search engine with over 1 million volunteering opportunities. Excellent descriptions of what volunteering involves with links to other agencies. Volunteering in Portsmouth Good for looking at local opportunities The Regional Training prospectus aimed at young people. Good labour market information on wide range of career options. Access information, advice and guidance on learning opportunities for young people in Portsmouth aged 14- 19 including information on apprenticeships, full and part time education training. The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and coordinates the delivery of Apprenticeships throughout England. Specific area for the student to access which covers topics including the basics, the benefits and available help. Official website for The Princes Trust with clear links to courses and young business opportunities. Excellent search map for all the opportunities available. Really good general careers support website with focus on planning future work and study options with sections for 14+, 16+ and 18+. For this section, the Plan your routeand the qualification sections are the main focus.


Careers Week 11th-15th July 2016

The school would like to offer parents/carers an open invitation to visit any of the sessions being delivered throughout the week. (Please sign in at reception and collect a visitor’s badge).

If you have any questions in relation to this week, please call Mrs Sear – Careers Coordinator on: 023 9232 2473.

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