The Art dept aims to engage and motivate students to explore, create and develop their skill base as well as learning about individual artists and world cultures.

Aims & Philosophy

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The Art dept aims to engage and motivate students to explore, create and develop their skill base as well as learning about individual artists and world cultures. As a department we continue to develop our projects and resources to allow students access to modern approaches within the Art and Design field. We provide the opportunity for students to work in a wide range of 2D and 3D media including drawing and painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, photography and digital work. Students are given a variety of inspirational sources to work from including their own experiences and surroundings, observational studies, music and film.

Success Headlines

  • 2014 – End of year Art and Fashion exhibition held at Hillside and Wymering Centre.
  • BTEC results – 93% of students achieved an A*-C  in 2012/13.
  • KS4 Art trip to Tate Modern in London.
  • Year 7 & 8 work exhibited in the World War 2 museum.


Year 7

In the first year students will focus on using the formal elements and study closely colour, pattern and shape. Starting with looking at observational life studies students will develop mark-making, painting techniques, pattern forming and texture. Students will produce a series of projects in a variety of materials and 2D/3D techniques.

Year 8

In the second year students use the skills they have learnt previously to create individual work using artists as inspiration. Students study closely artists then replicate the work and techniques of the artists to gain a meaningful final piece in 2D and 3D. This gives the students a good understanding of technique in preparation for the rest of Key Stage 4 Projects.


At Key Stage 4 students study GCSE Art & Design. The course is made up of course work and a controlled assessment. The course work is 60% of the total marks and is completed throughout year 9, 10 & 11 and consists of 2 units. Students get the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and techniques which is recorded through a sketchbook. Students are given more independence and choice in the direction of their work in terms of subject matter and materials used.

Year 9

Students focus on their drawing and observational skills , students look closely at composition, texture, tone , and colour and through different mark-making create final pieces.

Year 10

The first part of their coursework is based on Food and Drink  Students look closely at the food we eat. Using a range of materials students record from primary and secondary sources and students have the opportunity to explore and develop their second individual project and produce a final piece based on the above title through any material or technique that they have learnt this year.

Year 11

Students will complete the second part their course work and will be based on people and Surrealism. Students will explore and research the title surrealism and will create a piece which include people and a surreal element.

GCSE students will have a 10 hour exam at the end of the year and will be giving a 10 week preparatory period that starts at the end of January. Students will be giving a theme by the exam board and they will then independently research, explore, create and record different ways to create a final piece which relates to the theme. Past themes have been ; Ordinary and Extraordinary, force and Order and disorder.