Aims and Philosophy

In Technology, we have been personalising learning for a long time; students take responsibility for their choice of practical activity, preparation and presentation. Students self and peer assess regularly which creates an effective learning commentary based on improvements and progression.

The Faculty strives to engage and motivate students in all their work. A ‘can-do, will-do’ attitude is expected which gives students the freedom to try new skills independently without being afraid to make mistakes.

Food Technology

Year 7
Students will study: Food hygiene, health and safety, taste testing, raising agents, different cooking methods, measuring and weighing ingredients, different types of flour, sweet v savoury, healthy eating, balanced diets and being physically active, oral health, the seven food Groups.

Year 8
Students will study: Nutrients and lifestyle choices, recipe adaptation, different cooking methods, proteins, dietary needs and nutritional profiling, hydration, energy and carbohydrates.

Year 9
Students will study: Nutrition/diet and health needs, carbohydrates, special diets, food hygiene and standards, functions of food, aeration techniques, the science of gelatinisation, making sauces, high risk foods, comparing festival foods/ready meals and cook kits.


Years 10 and 11
Students study the WJEC Catering GCSE. Students will study the Catering industry: accommodation; food and beverage; front of house, the types of products and services provided, a range of customer groups, job roles, career opportunities and relevant training needs, appropriate forms of communication within the industry, the importance of record keeping and the range of equipment used in the catering industry. Students will be required to sit two practical assessments and one written exam.

The Task 1 practical assessment will be sat in Year 10 and students have to prepare and serve four dishes to a restaurant standard. These dishes will consist of two savoury and two sweet dairy dishes.

The Task 2 practical assessments will be sat in Year 11 and students have to cook a two course meal for two people from an international cuisine of their choice. Students will have to research and prepare for both practical assessments and take photographs of all their practical cooking. The written exam will be sat at the end of Year 11.