Drama is an engaging subject that allows students the opportunity to learn in a professional drama studio by qualified specialists.

Aims and Philosophy

Drama aims to develop students in their ability to devise, perform and evaluate their acting technique.  They will also get the opportunity to discuss other works as well as develop their communication and teamwork skills.  Students are assessed in devising, acting and evaluation in each scheme of work that they study which allows them to develop their skills throughout their time here.

Opportunities are available for more able students to take on roles of responsibility such as the Drama Executive position.  This allows them to develop their leadership skills by running extra-curricular clubs for younger students.  It also gives them the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to flourish in the work place.

As well as this, the Arts Department have a number of school productions and showcases which allow the students to share their work with members of the wider community.  Within these, students learn the self discipline and dedication that goes into a production which in turn develops their appreciation of the Arts as a thriving industry.

Success Headlines

79% A*-C

21% A-A*

Theatre Festival 2015

Spring Showcase 2016

Play in a Day at The New Theatre Royal 2016

Summer Arts Showcase 2016


Shakespeare Schools Festival

Year 7

In year 7 students are given a whistle stop tour of the essential skills in acting taught through engaging topics such as Fairytales and Bullying.  They are given the opportunity to work both with a script, and without to develop themselves as well rounded actors.

Year 8

In year 8, students are given the opportunity to explore existing works such as The Lion King in more detail.  They are able to learn about the art of stage craft by designing their own set, costumes and make up and are given the opportunity to practically apply some of these ideas in lesson time.  They are also given an insight into what it is like to work in a theatre company through Theatre In Education.  Selected works are toured to the local primary schools, which gives students a sense of pride in their work.

Year 9 and 10

These years are dedicated to the BTEC Level 1/2 Performing Arts: Acting Award.   Through this students are first introduced to the professional world of the actor.  Students participate in specialized acting workshops to develop their skills and they are given the opportunity to apply these skills in various group productions and solo performances.

Year 11

In their final year, students are given the opportunity to create a devised performance for the KRS Theatre Festival.  They are then given the chance to create their own theatre company to create their final performance for the Farewell Festival.