The word 'geography' literally means 'writing about the world.' Geography is all about trying to make sense of the world we see around us.

Aims and Philosophy

Why are settlements where they are? Why do people do particular jobs? Why does it always rain on me? These are all questions in which Geographers are interested. Geography is a highly-valued, broad-based subject that will give you a range of important skills.

Fieldwork is an extremely important part of Geography in both Key Stages. We not only use the school and the local community but also travel further afield to study in locations as diverse as Portsmouth City Centre, Southsea, London and the Dorset Coast.

The skills and knowledge that are acquired in Geography can be used across many different subjects and provide pathways to many different careers. The ever-changing nature and demands of Geography mean that successful students will always be in demand by colleges, universities and employers.

Weather Station:

The school has a live feed on the roof, recording the weather. For use in a range of subjects: CLICK TO VISIT OUR WEATHER STATION…

Success Headlines

  • Continued 100% GCSE pass rate gaining A*-G
  • Continuous record of improvement in attainment at KS4 over last five years
  • Successful Study trips for Controlled Assessment:
    Gunwharf Quays, 2012
    Old Portsmouth & Gosport, 2013
    Burley New Forest 2014


We follow our own innovative blend of human, physical and environmental Geography at KS3. We use PCs, tablets and traditional textbooks and maps to investigate our world. Some of the Units studied include Places, Glaciation, Coasts, Settlements and Soils.

GCSE Specification AQA B

Unit 1: Managing Places in the 21st Century
Unit 2: Hostile World & Investigating the Shrinking World

  • Two external exams, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Each examined unit attracts 37.5% of the total mark

Unit 3, Local Investigation inc. Fieldwork & Geographical Issue Investigation (Controlled Assessment)

  • 25% of the total mark (15% fieldwork + 10% issue)