King Richard History department is committed to provide interesting and stimulating learning opportunities for all our students

Aims and Philosophy

Students’ learning is secured and assessed by the employment of many different teaching styles and activities for students of all abilities; group work enquiries, whole class discussion, interpretation through role play and independent research. The use of ICT continues to be a highly effective tool in the classroom. Staff and students have access to laptops and interactive whiteboards which provide exciting learning opportunities.

Apart from being extremely enjoyable and enabling students to learn about the past – that is, to understand the past and, through it, come to a far better understanding of the present – history also offers students the opportunity to acquire and improve on many of the key skills which have been identified as a priority for Higher Education after consultation with employers.

We are committed to ensure that students who study History at King Richard School are constantly challenged and asked to question ideas of the past. In our ever changing world, History’s ability to promote understanding between cultures and between national traditions remains as important as ever.


Success Headlines

History is a very popular option at  GCSE and many of our students go on to study AS / A level History at college.

Our GCSE results continues to goes from strength to strength:

  • 2012 – 52% A*-C
  • 2013 – 69% A*-C with 24% of students achieving A*/A top grades


  • Unit 1 25% GCSE – Medicine and Health Through Time – investigations into war, religion, government, communication, science and technology between the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance and beyond into the eras of World War One and World War Two.


  • Unit 2 25% GCSE – American History – an in depth study of America between 1840-1895. Topics include the Native American Indians, early pioneers, the cattle industry, homesteaders, law and order and the Plains Wars.


  • Unit 3 25% GCSE – Controlled Assessment – students undertake a source based assessment which focuses on historical skills within the context of Nazi Germany or Britain during World War Two


  • Unit 4 25% GCSE – Women in the Twentieth Century – investigations into how the role of women in Britain has changed over recent years; we focus on women in the home and social changes, women in employment and law and women and their role within politics