Media Studies introduces students to a range of creative areas of study including digital editing, media text analysis, advertising and marketing.

Aims and Philosophy

King Richard School is rare in its approach to Media Studies in that it’s one of only a handful of schools that teach this exciting and thought provoking subject from year 7, with students having the choice to opt by year 8. Please take time to watch the small film which underpins what media studies is about at King Richard School.

Success Headlines

66% A – C

100% Student retention

3 A*-A

14 B’s

21 C’s

Year 7

Introduction to using Apple Macs and Photoshop.

Year 8

Student’s skills are stretched with the introduction of story narrative and digital photography using Comic Life. Students are also introduced to digital editing using the brand new iMovie in our state of the art Apple Mac suites.

Year 9

Coursework training for GCSE; creating, advertising and marketing a video game as well as learning all the tools needed to analyse media texts.

Year 10

Students embrace personalisation and independent learning where they get to choose what coursework projects best suit their creative skills; magazine design, CD case layout or designing an entertainment website. For their final project students also have the opportunity to make a film based on their chosen genre. This includes researching, planning and production.

Year 11

This year’s exam is on Television News, students have already started working on this by looking at how different news values are used depending on the target audience.