“A different language is a different vision of life” Federico Fellini

Aims and Philosophy

In MFL we believe in developing communicative skills and encouraging intercultural knowledge and understanding. We aim to open students’ minds to different cultures and to nurture a lifelong passion for language learning.

Students work to develop their powers of speaking, aiming at taking part in conversations and longer presentations, using the three tenses and demonstrating good pronunciation.

Students aim at being able to understand longer passages, picking out the main points, specific details and opinions. They are also expected to work out the meanings of new words and phrases.

Students learn to write confidently and at length, describing past, present and future events. They also learn how to change phrases to enable them to write about new topics.

Students can recognize and respond to spoken passages and can pick out the main points and details, including opinions.

We aim to help every student achieve the highest standard of which he or she is capable so that they are confident linguists in their future studies and working lives. The examination course currently on offer is GCSE Spanish.

Spanish Specification

Vocabulary Book

Spelling and Grammar Powerpoints:


Present Tense

Nouns – Gender

Future Tense