Disneyland Paris – Dance

On Tuesday 17th February 2015, 27 KRS Dance students made the long trip to Disneyland Paris along with The Science department. After a 13 hour couch journey and 3 hour delay, we made it to the Hotel Cheyenne.

We started our trip with dinner at Wild Bills Wild West Show where we were entertained by the likes of Annie Oakley and of course Mickey and his friends. The next two days were spent within the two Disney theme parks in which we rode roller coasters, went on backlot and special effect tours, watched the parades and took seminars to learn about the performance and backstage work needed to put together the huge Disney shows and parades. Evenings were spent in Disney Village where students were able to go shopping and on the final night we had dinner at the famous Planet Hollywood.

Whilst a lot of fun was had by all, the students also had to work hard in order to put together their own float ideas for a parade in which they had to encompass the Disney Values and incorporate the 5 senses in to their planning. This is something that will be continued within school over the next term and a half. Final float designs will be presented in the Arts Summer Showcase later this year.