Mr Cooper
As a tutor group we believe equality does not mean that everyone is treated the same. We think everyone should has equal access to opportunities and this could mean that different people require different support to access opportunities, hence being treated the same is not necessarily true here.

There are a lot of opportunities that teachers give to the students at the moment. For example, the warning system. Everybody gets the same number of chances no matter their race, religion and sex. Also everybody gets the same break and lunch time as all the other years so it stays fair.

Miss Nutland
The use of one head shows no matter which gender, we are all the same.

The use of the London Underground symbol could mean that we can all travel different paths, and we all cross at different points.

Mrs Hubbard
Girls and Boys are equally important, however people have different views and opinions suggesting that Boys are better than Girls or the other way round.

Religious beliefs are controversial as not everybody thinks that it’s the right path to follow in life but everyone has their own ideas of life.

Every person should be treated the same because eveyone is worth something.