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Mr Gorman

Flag with prints on – A good education for every child. That was thought to be the different hand sizes representing older and younger children in a family being taught values by a parent. Also being taught at a British school, hence the flag. The larger prints could also represent the older siblings teaching the younger siblings values as well. A good education is seen as a British value as well. As one student said, we are lucky to get free school whereas in other countries they have to pay, cannot afford it or do not get an education.

Grand prix flags – Parents should give their kids the best start in life. This one seemed fairly obvious in that the flags are waved at the start of the race, hence the best start. But one tutee said that the flag is also waved at the finish and could represent a parent helping their child until the finish, as parents never stop teaching their children. They should be doing the best for them at the start, middle and end.

Large set of feet and three small feet – This one was difficult to understand. We interpreted it as one parent with three children. We noted that there are significant number of children at this school who are raised by as single parent, and this could become a trend and eventually a British value? We looked at the ONS website and found that two years ago, there were as many a two million families with a single parent, 90% of which were female.

Tree – There were two meanings for the tree we felt. Firstly we thought that it would be for a family tree, showing the different generations. This could show that there are a parent and a child, with an really old tree acting as a member of an older generation. Secondly, we thought that the phrase, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” could be being used. This would represent how sons and daughters often reflect the values that their parents espouse.

Umbrella Family in Rain – We were unsure as to what this meant. Some felt that the umbrellas were protecting the family. Some thought it was raining because is the most typical British thing that could happen. We saw that there were several people together that made a family unit, but is seemed to have two women, perhaps reflecting a non-traditional family unit, a stepmother?