Miss Lodge
What is friendship?

  • A friend is someone who you enjoy being around
  • Friendship means being kind to people and knowing people who are kind to you
  • Friendship means genuinely caring about each other and supporting each other
  • A friend is someone you can trust

How do you show real friendship?

  • Being truthful with each other
  • Listening
  • Offering advice when your friends need it
  • Being positive and not saying things that could be hurtful

 What do the images and symbols represent- for friendship & ‘Britishness’? 

  • The Box giving the frog a flower is an act of kindness and shows how we should act towards others.
  • The flower has blossomed which may be a sign that the friendship is growing.
  • The box and the frog are very different things. This might show the fact that friendship can be between different people regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation. In Britain this is something that we try and embrace.
  • The red post box is a very British symbol. A postman/woman might talk to several different people on their round and is an important part of the community. Postmen and women are usually considered to be friendly, but it is not just postmen and women who should act like this, we all should.
  • The postbox is used to transport letters across the country. This could show that friendship can be between people who live far apart and do not speak often. There are different ways that we can communicate with our friends.
  • The London Eye is a big circle, friendship can also be seen as a circle. ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated’ – in order for there to be friendship this must happen both ways.

Mrs Long
Friendship FLO