Highbury College sustainability event

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King Richard School was recently invited to attend a sustainability event at Highbury College, Portsmouth. As well as Highbury College lecturers there were Portsmouth City Council delegates leading sessions for the many students that had arrived on the day from local secondary schools. Working through a morning session, students selected and entered workshops to raise awareness of sustainable living and little things we can all do to help. Some topics included were: recycling fashion, survival training, pedal power, bee keeping and using food ingredients as make-up substitutes. Each session brought something different to the students own knowledge on sustainability allowing them to develop more complex thoughts on the issues faced.

‘The first activity that I did was the recycling fashion. Liam, Brandon, Fred and I worked as a four to create two different outfits. We had to design the outfits by re-using old clothes. Recycling your old clothes is better because you don’t have to spend money on new ones. Also you can make something just as fashionable by re-using old clothes. For example in the summer you could cut some jeans up to make shorts. Furthermore re-cycling old clothes is very eco-friendly because it’s saving energy, as the factory that manufactures the clothes would not need to produce any new clothes. If the companies do not need to produce new clothes, then less pollutant gases, such as carbon dioxide will be pumped into the atmosphere, because the machines that produce the clothes are not needed. Also recycling old clothes means that the need of raw materials such as cotton is reduced. What this means is that less cotton farms will need to be made, as less cotton is needed. Also in some countries where there are cotton farms, forest areas have to be cut down so the cotton farm can be built; this process of removing forest areas is called deforestation. However if we reduce the amount of cotton farms being built, then less forest areas will be cut down.’

Callum yr 10 student.