iPads/New Technology

iPad Mini

King Richard School is delighted to announce to parents of current year 6 students that a project to offer all new students an IPAD MINI tablet device will begin in 2014. This is a fantastic opportunity designed to put your son/ daughter first, ensuring learning at King Richard School is truly personalised and at the ‘cutting edge’ of education. We have chosen a tablet device because:

  • Mobility – can be used in and outside of the classroom. It has two cameras for creative and presentation work.
  • Affordable – There are a range of free and paid for ‘Apps’ which support creative learning, whilst also not overly costly.
  • Speed – Runs IOS 7 operating system which is reliable and complete with presentation and editing applications.
  • Interactivity – The touch screen interface allows for smooth scrolling and speedy interactions.
  • Life – Battery will last for approx ten hours.


On this device your son/ daughter will be able to use the very latest software and ‘Apps’ on the Apple App market in lessons and at home to complete homeworks or for personal/ social use too. We trust that you will support us in this exciting project and look forward to speaking to you in September about this.

Collection days for Year seven parents and staff will be on Wednesday 24th September and Wednesday 1st October.