KRS Football News – September 2014

KRS Football News – September 2014

So the season is under way at KRS and the excitement of entering all five year groups into the Portsmouth Schools Football league has been building. Mr Nottage, Mr Cooper and I are leading our teams into battle and have been impressed with the effort and application thus far.  There has been a buzz around PE with many of our students showing interest in joining the football teams. Trials went very well and it was clear to see that there was some real talent available for selection across all the year groups.

It was clear early on that we are at the beginning of our long road to success with early results not going our way. Our Year 8’s have had a difficult start with a narrow 3-2 defeat away at Milton Cross in the League Cup. This was backed up with another defeat at home to St Edmunds.

Our Year 9’s have had an interesting start to the season, losing their first game at home to Milton Cross. This was followed up by a courageous effort at home to Mayfield where they went down 5-2. However, they picked themselves up and registered the first win for any team at KRS with a fantastic 4-2 victory at home to Priory in the quarter final of the League Cup. They are now one win away from the final at Fratton Park.

Year 10 boys also had a difficult start to the season with a 3-1 defeat in the quarter final of the cup but put in a committed and tenacious performance and were unlucky to go out. However they did follow this up with a 3-3 draw against Milton Cross and showed signs of further improvement. This team has the potential to do some great things this year.

Year 11’s only had one game in which they were heavily beaten. They were up against a team that had beaten playing as a cohesive unit for the last 4 academic years. Our team has been put together this year and will be looking to improve as the season goes on. Liam King (Head Sports Prefect) will be taking a managerial role alongside Jack Ainsley (Yr11 Sports Prefect) giving the students more ownership on their team and should provide a valuable experience for both. There has been a great improvement across all our teams and we are looking to press on and start winning more and more games as the season unfolds!

Mr Herriot and the PE Department