Dear Parent/Guardian/Neighbour and Member of the Local Community,

Whilst I have been sitting in too many meetings deciding on colours of work tops, positions of plug sockets and other boring details, the contractors have been purposefully busy on the inside of our new building, making great progress towards a September opening. I hope these photos give you the same sense of excitement they do me.


Gareth Hughes

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9th September 2016


13th June 2016

Since I last wrote, the building has developed considerably (as you can note from the photo record).

The contractors have begun the ground works and the size and shape of the new school is now clearly visible.  They have cleared the topsoil and laid the piling mat – a layer of hardcore that will support the piling rig when that arrives on site on approximately the 20th of June.  They will then begin to drill the foundations into the bedrock, filling these holes with concrete and steel rods that will then fix to the steel frame.

At the lower part of the site, the shape of the sports hall, fitness suite and dance studio can also be clearly seen.  They still have to dig out a further three metres of soil from this area prior to the foundations being laid.

Seeing the shape cut out like this makes the new school look impressive, and I can envisage that our new building of over three floors will be a grand and imposing structure! I’m also starting to imagine what life in the new school will look like in little over a year.  All very exciting indeed.

One curious experience I had when visiting the site on Friday, was meeting the team looking for unexploded bombs.  They had some wonderful technology to help them drill into the ground so that sensors could detect changes in the magnetic field which would suggest the presence of metals.  These sensors could then work out the size and shape of any metal to see if it might be a bomb.  Technology today is truly amazing and fortunately they haven’t found anything suspicious yet.  They also reported just how hard the bedrock is and so confirmed that the school will be on safe ground.  All very reassuring.



5th May 2016

The big news of the week is that the contract has been signed between the Government and Kier construction to build the new school.  This means the building will definitely be going ahead and we can all look forward to the development of the site over the next 18 months before it opens in the Autumn of 2017. Work will begin in earnest on Monday and will be very visible to all of you within a couple of weeks.

With this in mind, the car park and entrance road at the eastern end of the site will be closed to students, staff and visitors and a new car park made off Connaught Lane.  Access to the bike sheds will remain and an access point will be made from the corner of the Arts corridor.  The other major change concerns the playing fields; these will now be accessed via a footpath along the southern edge of the site.

The project starts with the fencing off of the proposed site and it is important to note that nobody should consider crossing the fence line into the site area because of the hazards involved.  Kier construction will supervise this tightly during the day and there will be no unsupervised access.

I am aiming to explain and expand on all this to the students during the week beginning 16/5 and will inform you later in the term of some opportunities for you to come and find out more about the plans and how the building is developing.  I will also post any updates on our website.