King Richard School wants to provide an outstanding education for the young people of the local area.

Aims and Philosophy

We believe that an outstanding education will combine excellence in the classroom with a broader curriculum that offers children the opportunities they need to grow, develop and thrive.  We believe in building character and delivering success.

We must enable all students to make excellent progress, firstly by ensuring that they all have very good basic skills, insisting on the highest standards of behaviour and then teaching them so they succeed.

Exam results are vital but not sufficient. To thrive, young people need to learn to be resilient and independent. They will need to be able to be part of a team and to be adaptable.  Our approach to learning, extra curricular programmes and the house system will ensure our students have these opportunities.

Core Values

To shape futures and build character we will model and encourage the following attributes: tenacity, determination, self improvement and collaboration.  We believe that effort counts and that the best results are the ones for which we strive.  We recognise we will often need others to help us achieve in life and that as humans we are “better together”. Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and we have to see improvements through.

In addition, experience has taught us that how we treat other people matters, so we will be tolerant of others and understand their perspective and will always treat people courteously.



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