Parents sing school’s praises in parent survey



















  1. My child enjoys school.
  2. I believe that the quality of teaching is good and my child is making progress.
  3. I believe that the general standard of behaviour of students is good.
  4. The school takes all forms of bullying seriously.
  5. Homework is set and Marked.
  6. The school offers my child opportunities to succeed and provides support to do so.
  7. I think the school is well led and managed.
  8. I am confident that my child is safe and any particular needs are met by the school.
  9. Staff encourage and support my child to do his/her best.
  10. Communications from the school are clear and keep me informed about my childs progress and what is going on.
  11. The school is always willing to listen to any concern or problem I have and do something about it.
  12. Overall I am happy with KRS as the choice of school for my child.