House system

A sense of belonging and identity are vital for a child to feel secure and so develop their full potential.  Our house system creates three small communities with whom all students can identify with and feel a part of.

Students will join a house when they arrive in year 7 and stay in that house for their five years.  As a result they will be well known and understood by the house staff.  It is through the house system that their achievements will be recognised and they will receive the support and guidance necessary to make school a success.

The house system is supported by a number of specialist teams including an attendance team, school counsellor and welfare officers that can provide expert advice to students or families when it is needed.

In addition the school has an experienced SEND department which has worked with parents to create a local offer of services for children with special educational needs.

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Heads of House

Willow House - Mr Watkins
Willow House – Mr Watkins
Sycamore House- Mrs West Thomas
Sycamore House – Mrs West Thomas