Thursday 23rd June 2016

Yesterday, I took eight year nine students went to the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth for a ‘Play in a Day’ which is part of this year’s Portsmouth Festivities event involving a number of arts venues, artists and schools across the city.  The students were given the theme ‘The Electric Mind’ and were asked to create a piece of Drama based on this theme and perform it in the theatre that same evening.  The students decided to explore the moral argument of creating and implanting electric body parts into humans and the negative impact this could have on the human race.  They received a considerable amount of praise from the theatre staff for their conduct and professionalism throughout the day.  We also were joined by the multi-award winning director and actor John-Paul McCrohon of CCADS who described the piece as ‘unique’ and ‘chillingly dark’.  Praise must also be given to Ethan Wiggins who was joined by Elijah Lazenby an ex-student of King Richard School who were our technicians for the day.  They worked the show seamlessly and allowed the talent of the actors to shine through.  The students thoroughly enjoyed working in such a prestigious venue in the city and they did King Richard School proud.

play in a day