PSHE ‘SafeDATE’ workshop

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Congratulations to all Year 8 students who participated in a workshop ‘SafeDATE’ provided by the charity Safe Partnerships. Students were able to engage in many thought provoking and sensitive issues surrounding healthy relationships and domestic abuse. As the charity states;

Domestic abuse is still a ‘hidden’ issue in our society, even more so for young people, who experience as much relationship abuse as adults, but who are more likely than adults to normalise or minimise the situation. They need the knowledge to be able to judge when a relationship is unhealthy or abusive, to improve their well-being and to avoid establishing lifelong abuse patterns.

In a survey of 14-21 year olds, almost half the young men and a third of young women thought it would be acceptable for a man to hit a female partner in some circumstances.

One-in-five teenage girls have been physically hurt by someone they were dating.

Young people lack experience in forming respectful relationships and are susceptible to gender-role stereotyping and peer group norms. Some have also suffered parental abuse. They are confused and anxious about relationship issues, e.g. interpreting jealousy, possessiveness and abuse for love, and want the self-confidence to make informed decisions about their friendships through learning acceptable behaviours to better integrate with their peers, improve their life skills and have better chances in life.

Young people experiencing or knowing of an unhealthy or abusive relationship want to talk about it and make sense of their experience. They feel they don’t have enough information and support, so lack confidence in dealing with it or helping others. They need to know where to get help so that they feel better supported and confident to seek appropriate assistance for themselves or someone else in an abusive relationship.  

Our provider, Emma, was able to lead several great sessions and our student evaluations were very positive. Many students offered their personal thanks and we hope to welcome back ‘SafeDATE’ in the future.

Emma Williams PSHE.