Read for My School competition

Read for My School is a national schools reading competition that promotes reading and philanthropy by challenging pupils to read as many books as possible across two months of the spring term.

Prizes will be given for the most books each class reads every week and individual prizes will be awarded for the most books read and the best creative writing for the whole competition.  We will also be entering the Reading Culture Award competition which will be awarded to the school that demonstrates how they have used this competition to its utmost to promote reading.

The students I have spoken to love to discuss what book they are reading and adore the interest we show in how they are getting on. The variety of books available online means that even those who do not feel confident in reading will be able to access texts suitable for them and will feel proud at being able to read and take part.  As so many of our students come from non-reading households, it is incredibly important that we promote a positive reading culture.  Especially as 75% of schools claim that taking part in the RfMS competition has helped students to discover reading for pleasure.

Well done to Miss Hicks’s class who have managed to win again this week. Below are the results:

KHI – 70
SRO – 36
ENU – 18
AGA – 13
RFI – 11
RMC – 10

A total of 448 books have been read so far by year 7 which is amazing in just four weeks! And we still have another 5 weeks to go.

Sarah Rogers