Ms Scott
We think that respect is a feeling of admiration due to someone’s qualities or achievements.

We show respect by being fair and equal with others, being polite, putting others before ourselves and doing little things such as opening doors for people, saying good morning and helping others if we see someone in need.

We show respect around our school by making sure we walk on the left to keep out of others way, listening to what people are saying and being kind.

Miss Halls
How can we show respect?
No swearing
Being kind to each other 
No fighting 
Don’t talk over people 
Respect elders, family members, everyone
Help out at home and in school
What do the images and symbols mean?
See no evil-hear no evil-speak no evil 

Respect should be earned  and if broken should be earned back

If you feel you are being disrespectful you should:
Take a breath 
Count to ten 
Have a minute alone

Mr Smith
Respect is important on many levels, especially in school.

Those who want respect, should give respect.

In this day and age, with such diversity within our local communities it is more important than ever to show respect to members of different races, genders and sexual orientation.
Even if you don’t agree with somebody, you have to respect people’s right to live their lives however they want.
Respect is important because without it, there is nothing…
People who are routinely disrespectful to others can sometimes do so as a defence mechanism.