Mrs Nutland
WHAT DOES THE RULE OF LAW MEAN? It refers to things we can and cannot do legally, as suggested by MPs and the Justice System. These are rules that socety is expected to live by, making us worthy citizens in a country we should be proud of.

HOW DO YOU SHOW THAT YOU COMPLY WITH THIIS IN YOUR DAILY LIFE? We show up to school every day,wearing the correct uniform, sending the message that we are dressed for success and ready to start work. We know that rules are there to guide us and we follow them (most of the time) as they are there to support us on our journey through teenage life, hopefully turning us into responsible adults who know the limits we can go to.

IMAGES & SYMBOLS REPRESENTATIVE OF… the union jack represents Great Britain – it is as synonymous to Great Britain as are tea and crumpets! We think the gavel represents the justice our country and legal system adhere to – the concept of being a good, law-abiding citizen should mean we never see one for real! The image of the policeman is representative of the support and guidance we can seek when we believe something is wrong or a law is being broken. It is important to include this image as these people are there to protect us and should not be seen as the enemy.

KING RICHARD LAWS – WHAT ARE THEY? We decided that we had rules as opposed to laws. Most rules are “bent” whereas laws were thougt to be less flexible and more likely to become “broken”. Rules in school that provoked the most heated discussion included the banning of chewing gum and the non-usage of mobile devces in corridors. Both were regarded as silly until we dug a little deeper into why they were banned – cost of removing spent gum from desks and carpets, health and safety risk in corridors etc. Other rules we elicited through the discussion involved issues such as wearing the correct uniform to give a successful message and show personal pride in ourselves, left hand traffic in corridors to keep people safe from injury at busy times, being punctual and a good attender, listening carefully at all times and treating each other with respect.

Miss Bedassie
We believe that the Rule of Law applies to people knowing the difference between right and wrong. We should all follow the law as it is there to protect us. The police are there to protect us and in a court of law there is a jury and they decide if a person is guilty or not guilty. We understand that actions have consequences and that some actions can end up hurting/upsetting or even killing someone.

Mr Samuel
What does ‘the rule of law’ mean? Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, acting with a moral conscience.

How do you show that you comply with the rule of law in your daily living?  not getting involved in illegal activities, the little voice in your head that tells you not to do something. Being a well rounded citizen’s.

What do the images and symbols represent- for the law / ‘Britishness’? Scales of justice. Hammer, wigs. Police lettering. Road signs.

What are our laws in KRS? School rules, Behaviour policy, corridor rules.