Secretary of State – Michael Gove visits

Secretary of State Michael Gove Visits…

Mr Gove
Michael Gove Talking to students

On Friday 25th October Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education visited the school and talked to students about his vision for education. King Richard School would like to thank the Secretary of State and our local MP, Penny Mordaunt  for the time they took to visit the school.

 Georgia Osborne, a current year 10 student spoke to Mr Gove and she commented that he had “A strong interest developing education, and was keen to highlight the importance of sports in schools”.

Liam King, another year 10 student echoed similar opinions, asking the Secretary of  State about his future policy for sport in Secondary Schools. Liam said Mr Gove replied by stating he was ‘…very interested in the future of sports, which allowed students to develop skills such as working in a team’.

Darcie Harper, a year 11 student asked about the facilities in schools, and was concerned about hot conditions in the summer and classrooms being freezing in the winter.

Mr Gove replied by stating he was very interested in developing schools across the country to ensure that they are all fit for the purpose of high class, outstanding learning.