Shakespeare Schools Festival 2014

“Be not afraid of greatness!”

On Wednesday 5th November, a cast of ten King Richard students took to the stage of Ferneham Hall, Fareham, to perform their adaptation of Macbeth, as part of the Schools Shakespeare Festival. Despite being a tiny cast, dramatic techniques and superb teamwork ensured that filled the stage from beginning to end, with a superb blend of witchcraft, murder and treason! Many congratulations to Kendall Field-Pellow, Erin Gates, Daisy White, Megan Gibson, Jordan Cooke, Katie Whitbourn,Shona Simmonds, Molly Allison,Elysia O Neill, James O Toole and Billy Rhoden.

If you are interessted in getting involved next year, speak to Mrs Nutland or Mr Collyer. Here’s to the next show!