Lest We Forget

lest we forget websiteOn Wednesday 2nd July, in collaboration with Portsmouth City Museum, King Richard School hosted a First World War Commemoration Community Afternoon. Departments across the school got involved, Dance students performed an emotional piece based upon letters from the trenches, English students displayed their essays, poetry and projects, History students undertook independent research into their chosen feature of the period, Geography students looked at the range of different artillery and presented this upon a map of the Portsmouth area, bringing home the devastation on the Western Front, The PE department hosted an assault course for those brave enough to see whether they would be fit enough for the army and Art students produced paintings and models considering different aspects of the war and remembrance.

In collaboration with the City Museum, six History students researched the original documents relating to the Hall family from Portsmouth. Morgan Adams, Cariad Davies, Megan Gibson, Chantelle Hayes Oliver Martin and Peyton Owen interpreted these documents to produce a short film about the family, which was premiered during the afternoon.

The community event also attracted local museums including the WW1 Remembrance Centre and the National Museum of the Royal Navy as well as community groups including knitting and gardening clubs. Outside dance groups Dare 2 Dance and South Zone both performed at the event as did the Kings Youth Theatre. Visitors were also able to get up close to and question historical re-enactors.

The afternoon was a great success, which showcased the talent, enthusiasm and respect young people have as we commemorate the First World War centenary year.

Abigail Dedman