Kenya 2013

In February 2013, ten year 10 and 11 students spent two weeks working as volunteers in Nakuru, a very deprived part of East Kenya. During their time in Kenya the students worked in a school project and visited local orphanages.

On their first day they visited a large rubbish tip where most of the children who attend school in Nakuru live and work. The children’s ‘homes’ are made up of wooden poles covered with plastic bags and ‘work’ involves sorting through the piles of rotting rubbish for items which could be sold on. From this experience our students started to understand the hardship and poverty that the children at school have to endure on a daily basis.

At the school project, students helped out in the classroom, preparing food, playing with the children and doing building/maintenance work, then in the evenings, when it got cooler!, they got involved in playing sports with the children.

During their trip students also visited an elephant sanctuary, a giraffe sanctuary and took part in a day safari. They also got to experience ‘Thompson Falls’ where they were able to stand on the equator, with a foot in each half of the world!

The trip will be a physical and emotional challenge for the students but at the same time it will generate experiences and memories they will never forget.