Trip to Waterstones

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By Caitlin Downie

On March the 6th King Richard School celebrated World Book Day. In tutor we had the chance to vote for the best book we have read at King Richard School. Five students were picked, at random, from everyone who voted and won a visit to Waterstones book shop in Fareham to choose a book. My name is Caitlin and I was one of the five lucky winners. So on Wednesday the 26th of March the winners were taken to Waterstones book shop in Fareham.

It was freezing cold so the first thing we did was go for a delicious hot chocolate with cream and grated chocolate!

Once we had warmed up we went to Waterstones. It was amazing! It was really big and looked like a posh library with leather sofas. It was a very calm and relaxing place.  There were so many books! We were allowed to choose a reading book which was exciting but we found it really difficult to choose as there were so many books!  Luckily two book specialists, at Waterstones, helped us choose a book we would enjoy reading.

This was the first time I had been to a proper book shop. I didn’t realise how relaxing a book shop could be. We were allowed to have a good look at all the books and encouraged to sit and read the books. I could have spent hours in there.    

I chose a book from the ‘Gallagher Girl’s’ series and I am going back to Waterstones on Saturday to get some more.  

Thank you to Mrs Grainger and Mrs James for taking us! A fabulous trip! I hope we get to go again soon!