“Dress for Success” Our simple, smart, affordable uniform will be worn by every student in the school.

We have introduced a uniform which;

  • Allows every student to develop an understanding of the word “smart.”
  • Allows every student to recognise that they are part of King Richard School.
  • Allows every student to develop a sense of pride in themselves, their school and their community.
  • Does not impose a financial burden on any of our parents.

Uniform Letters

Please find below our uniform leaflet which details items to be worn and suppliers.

KRS Uniform – Uniform leaflet (May 2017)



ressed for Success

New King Richard School uniform“Dress for Success” is our way of signaling to students that how they look is important and will help determine their success in every interview that they have in the future.

Our simple, smart, affordable uniform will be worn by every student in the school.

The word ‘uniform’ is important because it means not a fashion parade but everyone buying items from the same suppliers, using specific purchase codes. This equality will allow every student to benefit from the “Dress for Success” agenda, not merely those that buy the most expensive and fashionable items. For this reason we will monitor compliance with our uniform requirements throughout the academic year and parents will be notified in writing, should they need to purchase correct uniform items.

Just a final thought…when we walk into a room, we each have 7 seconds to make an impression! I want the impression given by every child from King Richard School to be one of success, determination and pride and I believe that the “Dress for Success” agenda helps them on the way to that impression.

I thank every parent for their support with our uniform policy.

Click here for branded KRS uniform from Tesco. Uniform is also available from Hargreaves and Penelope Ann.