Our Vision

Building Character

At King Richard School, we want our students to go on and live interesting and fulfilling lives.  Excellent exam results will help make this possible, but they won’t be enough on their own. We believe that children need the right personal qualities to navigate the challenges of the life ahead of them.

We also believe that people make their own luck and that talent is the result of effort and practice.  So, each and every day we make sure that children work hard.  Firm and regular routines across the school develop good habits that last a lifetime.  We insist our students treat each other well which means that they always impress the people they meet.  We go out of our way to recognise and reward those who make an effort to adopt these habits for life.

Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final and failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”.  We agree.  Our curriculum, extensive range of extra curricula activities, leadership opportunities and strength in the performing arts provide plenty of opportunities for students to test themselves and learn the joy of striving in order to succeed.

Shaping Futures

I want to be able to go to the very best university I can” Year 10 student.

Evidence proves that too many teenagers give up on their dreams.  At King Richard School, we are determined to make sure this doesn’t happen.  We encourage our students to take on the challenge of fulfilling their dreams and endeavour to give them the results, skills and qualities they need so that, at the age of sixteen, they can take their next step with confidence.

Engineer, games designer, doctor, author, teacher: whatever path a young person takes, it will need to be built upon firm foundations that include an excellent grasp of Maths and English.  OfSTED said of King Richard School, “[In Maths] patient attention to detail and checks on understanding lead to improved progress right from Year 7 onwards.” Excellent teachers are combined with small class sizes to ensure that every child exceeds expectations in these vital subjects.

King Richard School students follow a broad and varied curriculum and OfSTED noted the development of pupils as balanced, confident young people is a growing strength of the school. They said pupils are sparky and interested in their own futures and life around them.  Care is taken to to match individuals to courses to ensure students are well prepared for transition to college or apprenticeship.  We complement this with an extensive range of college and university visits and opportunities to meet and hear from real employers, so our students really do know what to expect.  Consequently, more of our students go on to further study now than ever before.

 Delivering Success

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good. Pupils are polite, smart and keen to learn. They leave school as well-rounded young people who are outward-looking, with a strong sense of community and responsibility.” OfSTED 2015.

The school has a track record of improving examination results and ensuring young people have the qualifications they need to go on and fulfil their dreams. Small class sizes, excellent teachers and high expectations combine to make sure our students work hard, aim high and make excellent progress during their five years at the school.

Our tutor group system means that every child is well known and supported by both their peers and by a personal tutor who ensures that they excel.   Our real time reporting “portal” and monthly statements ensure that parents are always aware of what is happening at school so that they can work closely with us to secure the very best for their child.

Success is not confined to the classroom.  The Dance and Drama performs regularly in front of packed audiences, and our students are used to winning prizes in inter-school competitions.  In addition, we have our fair share of national sporting champions.