A Walk Down Memory Lane

On Wednesday night, 4th October, a significant number of former students gathered one last time to walk the halls of King Richard School before the building is demolished later this year.

Young and old shared tales of mischief, memories and stories about a building and school that was much loved.  Some guests found their names on the walls they once wrote them and others bumped into friends they haven’t seen in years.  Older guests were to keen to remind our student tour guides how lucky they are to have free reign of the whole school as girls and boys were educated separately back in their day. 

As we anxiously wait for the move into our new school, we bid farewell to a building that has touched the lives of many and changed the lives of most.  

Open House Presentation – Slideshow

Link to article in The News

A big thank you to Habibur Rahman, photographer from The News, who perfectly captured this historic moment in time.