Thank you to Cariad Davies, Dynasty Oliver, Morgan Adams, Oliver Martin and Peyton Owen for their fantastic representation of the school when given the opportunity to work with original documents dating back to the First World War on Thursday 27th March. We are using these documents as the basis for a short film about the Hall family from Portsmouth, which will become part of Portsmouth Museum’s commemoration exhibition this summer.  Mrs Dedman   website WW1

When five students from King Richard’s school came to Portsmouth Museum to access an original family archive from the First World War, I must admit I was slightly worried about the responsibility of safeguarding such valuable, fragile and exceedingly precious documents. I need not have worried, I was incredibly impressed with the mature and exceedingly careful way in which the students responded to this opportunity. We read together the papers to discover more about the family and the events, which changed their lives for ever.

I cannot say more as you will learn of this through the interpretation planned by your friends. Suffice to say the students should be very proud of the way in which they represented themselves and the school. The First World War project will be engaging many students over the coming weeks and members of the community culminating in a school and community open day on the 2nd July.

Please do keep an eye on the museum web site for more information and most importantly come to the exhibition.

Sue Wright, Coordinator for Portsmouth Museums First World War Centenary Project