Year 6 Science Day

At the end of last year, we welcomed into school a few Year 6 scientist from local primary schools to take part in our Harry Potter themed Science Day.  Students were invited to visit our new state-of-the-art laboratories where they could observe experiments and carry out their own by using equipment and materials that they wouldn’t usually have access to. 

Mrs Watford, the organiser, chose a Harry Potter theme for the event as everyone loves a bit of magic and wonder, and science is like magic that can be explained.  Students were left in awe at the purple flames and popping sounds of the experiment Canon Fire (a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ethanol to which potassium permanganate was added) and were absolutely thrilled to see the flames leaping out of a bottle in Whoosh  Bottle (vapours of propanol were ignited to give off a combustion of flames leaping out of the bottle with a loud ‘whoosh’ sound).

After a discussion of safety and rules in KRS labs, students were suited in lab-coats and goggles and were then showed the experiments mentioned above.  As excitement reached its peak, students were allowed to carry out their own combustion experiments which included the Death Worm and indoor fireworks.

The Death Worm was by far the most exciting experiment and involved a LoveHeart sweet, covered in ethanol, being set alight, the result being a deformed worm of ash twisting and bending into all sorts of shapes on the sand.  Homemade sparklers were the next experiment in which students ignited ironing fillings that gave off coloured flames and sparkles from the metal-salt solution.










The event ended with an invitation to students to enter a competition in which they present what they had learnt about Science during the day in whatever format they choose.  Winners will be announced later this term, but below are a few of the entries we have received so far.