You Can Help

  • Talk to your child about the possible careers that they might be interested in and why they appeal.
  • Encourage them to take an interest in the occupations or past careers of family members and other adults who they come into contact with.
  • Help them to explore possible further education courses, apprenticeship providers and employers that are available in the local area. You should be able to find lots of useful information on the web. Keep an eye out for things like open days (at colleges and training organisations) and careers fairs held locally.
  • Encourage them to participate in out of school activities. These are invaluable and will help greatly later on in giving a good impression to people like employers or course tutors.
  • Encourage your child to seek advice when necessary from the school’s careers coordinator.
  • Discuss with them a work experience placement. All requests for work experience are considered on an individual basis and take place during school holidays.  Students need to: identify and make contact with a potential employer in an industry relevant to their career ideas. Click here for more information.
  • Remember that career choice is a personal decision. Do not try to steer your child to a particular career because you think you know best or because it is a job you might like.